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A StoryWay Certification Helps You Grow

Learn a Proven Process

Follow a proven process that will save you years of frustration and effort.  The StoryWay Process makes the difference between success and failure. Don’t try to do it all on your own, have the confidence that comes from a trusted plan and process. 

Be the Go-To Storyteller

Certified StoryWay Guides are the trusted experts helping others share their story and impact generations.  Whether you’re just starting out, or adding the StoryWay Guide Certification to your existing consulting business, you’ll be the go-to-storyteller everyone trusts and values.

Turn-Key Business

Start earning money right away and don’t do it alone. Build a business easier and faster through the StoryWay turn-key business. You will use a tested and proven business model in which you will earn good money doing work you would gladly do for free.


What Our Current Guides Are Saying About The StoryWay Guide Program


What You Get When You Become Certified

Certified StoryWay Guides receive over $15,000 in value in training, products and community as part of the certification program.

 Unlimited Live Certification Training for one year

Instant and lifetime access to our online StoryWay University with over 25 hours of training

Access to our exclusive and thriving community of passionate storytellers committed to changing lives and growing their business

Access to our bonus training with the StoryWay Faculty of world-class trainers, coaches and storytellers

Exclusive Affiliate and licensing rights to sell StoryWay products

Lifetime access to our weekly group coaching calls

Complete Legacy Publishing Process and turn-key business model to start and grow your own publishing business

Sales and marketing coaching that makes selling your value not feel slimy or self promotional

"This is the reason I wanted to do this..."

This certification and process is so much more than business, publishing, or income - we are a part of a movement that is transforming lives every single day!

Discover how StoryWay is helping storytellers
build the business of their dreams


"An exquisitely curated experience and a community of open, caring people with a passion for helping others tell their stories…My training has already provided me with extraordinary opportunities."

Elizabeth Duffy
Certified StoryWay Guide

"If this is your dream like it is mine, you need to go to this training. The certification class was phenomenal..."

Dawn Pickard
Certified StoryWay Guide

How to Write and Share
Stories Full Time

Watch this 30 minute webinar of our
co-founder, Jeremy Brown, teaching
“How to Write and Share Stories Full-Time"


"I feel confident I have the tools to offer a meaningful and life-changing experience to help families write a book that will impact future generations."

Judee Howard
Certified StoryWay Guide

"These videos are a methodical, step-by-step of what it takes to publish a book. I was blown away."

Lisa Fahey
Certified StoryWay Guide

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