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Helping writers do what they love full-time by building their writing business
  • Do you love to write but can’t make this passion and skill a legitimate business?
  • Are you secretly ashamed of the small amount of money you make compared to how long and hard you work on your writing projects?
  • Have you been on the wheel of “what if” or “why haven’t I” for so long you don’t know if you can get off?
  • You love everything about writing... except for when it comes to asking for money - what should you charge?
  • Are you dreaming of writing full-time but don't really know if you have what it takes?
  • This just a dream and that's it... or is it something you should take seriously

Hey, I'm Jeremy!

First thing you should know about me is that I am a writer, a storyteller and I’ve been in the writing/storytelling business for over 13 years now.
My wife, Brooke, and I work our business together full-time.  We have three boys, on dog and a wonderful, crazy life! 
While working with your spouse can get a little wild at times, we love working together.  I bring the vision and Brooke brings the heart. 
My passion for writing started 13 years ago when I wrote my first book. 
I knew then that writing wasn’t the most lucrative business, but I saw how much it helped people and I dreamed of finding a way to do what I love full time while being able to support my family.
I was determined to turn my love for writing and storytelling into a business (a REAL business).
Now, years later, our company has published well over 400 books, has customers all around the world and we live life on our own terms.
Friends,  I am proof that you can leverage your love for writing into a successful full-time business. 
I am so glad you’re here.  And it’s my mission to help you turn your passion into a profitable business

Our Proven Process

A proven step-by-step process and turn-key business model that will take your passion for writing and turn it into a business that will not only change your life...but the lives of your customers too!
You will be coached, trained and supported every step of the way as you launch and build your own writing and storytelling business.
We’ve tested this process on many different kinds of writers, with different styles, and different goals for their writing business and what we found, is our process will work every time, with every long as they work the process.

The StoryWay Process gives you success...

Writers that have been successful with our process,
have worked in several different genres and styles. 
Our process is designed for, but not limited to:

 -  How-To Nonfiction Books -

   - Family Legacy Books (Personal & Business) -

  - Ministry/Nonprofit Books -

  - Thought Leadership Books -

  - Entrepreneurship Books -


The StoryWay Process allows diversity...

Writers are able to see the way this process works clearly,
and efficiently with a diverse range of clients (including your own book)!
Our process will show you how to write books by:

- Coaches, Consultants & Trainers -

- Families & Legacy-Minded Clients - 

- CEO’s, Executives, & Entrepreneurs -

- Pastors & Ministry Leaders -

- Nonprofit Directors & CEO’s -

- Family Owned Businesses - 

And many, many more industry specific books!




It's time to start your successful writing business NOW, all while having the right support team, processes & community!

Learn a Proven Process

The StoryWay Process makes the difference between success and failure for writers. Follow our proven process that will save you years of frustration and effort. Our process not only produces predictable, quality results, but also produces life-changing customer experiences that win more customers and build life-long relationships.

Be the Go-To Expert

Get certified and become part of a trusted network of writers. Whether you work with non-fiction authors, consultants, coaches, business owners, or even the average person who wants to share their story, the StoryWay Certification will give you the extra edge to be the go-to-writer in your network.

Leverage a Turn-Key Business

Start earning money right away and don’t do it alone. Build a business easier and faster through the StoryWay turn-key business. You will use a tested and proven business model in which you will earn good money doing work you would gladly do for free.

Develop Natural Sales

Learn to sell a process, rather than striving to sell yourself, and how to attract customers to you the StoryWay. This makes selling as natural and effortless as a conversation - the close will be the natural conclusion to a meaningful conversation.

Aquire the Power of a Network

It’s not just you anymore. Becoming a Certified StoryWay Guide, you gain immediate access to have the support and strength of a network of other trained, certified, and talented writers and storytellers to help you with your biggest and most important projects.

Leverage Proven Credibility

Point to a proven brand and proven results by using our storytelling and publishing process that has published hundreds of books and helped thousands of more selling yourself...instead, show a brand and process thousands of customers already trust.

The Certified StoryWay Guide Program

If you are ready to turn your passion for writing into a profitable and purpose-driven business…We are ready to help you make it happen!

  • You are so balanced with the work you are putting out and your compensation makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  
    (Yes, this can be your reality!)
  • You have the highest level of confidence and a perm-a-grin plastered on your face because you know that you are living in your purpose and making an impact in the lives of others. 
    (You'll be smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt!)
  • You feel empowered because you are finally able to shift from your J.O.B. into your passion.
    (See you later J.O.B.!) 

What You Get When You Join

Certified StoryWay Guides build a solid and well rounded business with their passion for writing at the foundation.

Coaching Calls:  3 months of weekly group coaching calls with the co-founders to receive coaching, guidance, problem solving strategies and answers to any pressing questions you have quickly.

Sales & Marketing Tools:  Make selling your value not feel slimy or self-promotional. Our signature tools make it fail-proof to help you attract quality customers.

Support & Community:  Access to our exclusive and thriving community of passionate writers and storytellers committed to changing lives and growing their business. Set goals, be supported and be accountable to one another to ensure you reach your goals.

Online Training: Instant access to our online StoryWay University with over 25 hours of training (updated regularly) including access to our bonus training with the StoryWay Faculty of world-class trainers, coaches and storytellers.

Network Benefits: Collaboration with other Certified StoryWay Guides and perks such as printing and other discounts that will save you (and your clients) money.

Turn-Key Business Model:  The complete StoryWay writing and Publishing Process in our turn-key business model to help you make a real business from your writing.

Live Training: One seat at our Live StoryWay Guide Certification Training allowing you to meet and talk with current, succesful StoryWay Guides.  

Accountability: Increase your follow through and success with strategic and empowering accountability. 

What Our Current Guides Are Saying About The StoryWay Guide Certification


The Certified StoryWay Guide Program

Interested? The next step is to chat with Jeremy directly to see if becoming a Certified StoryWay Guide is the perfect fit for you and your goals. There is no obligation to the call - we want to get to know you, answer any questions you may have and see if we can help you reach your goals.  Schedule your breakthrough call today!

  • Writers who have a true passion for their work and want to turn that passion into a full-time business
  • Authors wanting to keep publishing their own books as well as helping others do the same without getting bogged down  
  • Storytellers who have longed for the day they could interview people, write stories and earn a legitimate income doing it
  • People who absolutely love hearing stories and wish they could make a business out of storytelling
  • Writers who are tired of their J.O.B. and not earning enough money for the work they put into their writing 

"This is the reason I wanted to do this..."

This certification and process is so much more than business, publishing, or income - we are a part of a movement that is transforming lives every single day!

"If this is your dream like it is mine, you need to go to this training. The certification class was phenomenal..."

Dawn Pickard
Certified StoryWay Guide

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