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StoryWay is a Coaching and Certification Program Helping Writers Build a Writing Business and Live Their Calling as a Storyteller.


The StoryWay Certification

Passionate about story, but can't make it a career? Make storytelling your business by becoming a Certified StoryWay Guide and be a part of a community and movement happening now.


What Is The StoryWay? 

We believe there is a way to tell stories that make an impact. By conducting thousands of interviews and publishing hundreds of books, we have discovered a tangible method for telling stories and built a duplicatable process around it in which any writer can use to build a profitable and transformational writing business.

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"I am impressed with you and this program. This obviously is well thought out. Wow. Looking forward to a long term working relationship."

Bonnie Lawrence
Certified StoryWay Guide

"If this is your dream like it is mine you need to go to this training. I have learned so much from it and you will too!”"

Dawn Pickard
Certified StoryWay Guide

"Walking through this process helped me to see how my life’s experiences can truly bring value to others in a way I never thought possible."

Virgil Dejongh
Certified StoryWay Guide

"I am impressed with Jeremy and the StoryWay team’s commitment to helping members achieve success. Most programs set you up with your login and let you go without much direction on how to land clients. StoryWay ensures you have a plan to get through the program content, helps you identify skill sets you already have to land clients quickly, and encourages the entire group to collaborate with and support one another. In the first month of joining, I already have two new clients!"

Heidi Caperton
Certified StoryWay Guide

Join the Movement.
Impact Generations.

Make storytelling your business. Stand up for future generations. This is more than a business opportunity. This is a chance to do something you've always dreamed of, learn from those you work with and an impact to future generations, while earning an income. We believe understanding stories, the StoryWay, is clarifying and a new way to discover your life's calling. We want YOU on our team. Because stories matter.



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